Holiday Gift Idea! Planet Wise Window Bags!

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for your kids’ teachers, coworkers, neighbors, mailman, dog groomer, hairstylist, or anyone else on your list?  Why not a Planet Wise Window Bag?  You can even use them as reusable, eco-friendly, and stylish packaging for gift cards!

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64 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Idea! Planet Wise Window Bags!

  1. I would give the window bag to my 21 month old son. We use planetwise for all our bag needs and these would be perfect for his snacks!

  2. the kiddos. already purchased them some for their stockings but we could always use more. i hate buying plastic baggies.

  3. Great ideas, people! I was going to say 1 for my sister in law, one for my sister, and one for me, but now I have so many more ideas!!

  4. What if we just wanted to keep it and not give it away? lol I never get myself anything so Im SURE I would figure out some use for maybe for my reusable dry wipes!

  5. I’d probably have to “gift” them to myself! I have a two year old and one on the way, so need bags of all sorts, kinds, and shapes all the time! Otherwise, I’d attempt to get my mom to quit buying so many boxes of zip locks in bulk at the warehouse store.

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