#16 – 52 Weeks of Planet Wise!

Large Wet Bag

Planet Wise recently took a trip to Utah for an Outdoor Retailer Expo.  We gave away granola in our booth, and what better to tote over 25lbs of granola cross-country than one of our very own Large Planet Wise Wet Bags?

The waterproof PUL interior even kept it fresh and chewy.  Mmmm.  We’re not advocating carrying 25lbs of granola around in your Large Planet Wise Wet Bag, but at least you know it’s possible!Enter to WIN a Large Planet Wise Wet Bag of your own below!

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150 thoughts on “#16 – 52 Weeks of Planet Wise!

  1. The local blend—lots of cranberries, blueberries, flax and oats. Awesomely good!

  2. I love ALL THE FLAVORS. If only my midwife hadn’t told me to cut back the granola and eat more protein…

  3. I tried some peanut butter granola once – Delicious! But a little too caloric for an everyday kind of cereal. I would normally go for a cinnamon, almond granola with craisins.

  4. I second the apple cinnamon with apples & walnuts, or any kind with chocolate in it ;)

  5. My favorite flavor is the stuff I make from scratch. I got the recipe from my Grandma and I love it! A little coconut and lots of other yummy and healthy good stuff!

  6. I like most flavors of granola as long as they have more oats, nuts, etc. than rice krispie type ingredients.

  7. Absolutely love the pumpkin spice granola they had recently at Costco. Went wonderful in regular oatmeal for an added crunch.

  8. I’m not sure I have a favorite flavor! I just don’t like pecans and walnuts so anything else should be good! =)

  9. I have a homemade recipe that uses about half the sugar of regular granola. It’s just right for me!

  10. oh gosh, I love to experiment with it at home. So far I love to sweeten it with either honey or agave nectar. I use oats, flax seed, whatever nuts I feel like (usually whole almonds and pecan pieces) then add whatever else I have around in my house/cabinets. maybe coconut, other grains, other dried fruits, I love it with cranberries.

  11. theres flavors of granola?!?!?! i thought it only came in ONE flavor!!! omg i am missing out!!!