#14 – 52 Weeks of Planet Wise!

Small Wet Bag

Bumps, boo boos, scurfs, scrapes, dings, bruises, shiners, scratches, or contusions — whatever you call them, they’re not fun.  Small Planet Wise Wet Bag to the rescue!  Fill one of these up with ice (crushed ice is even better!) for an instant cold pack.  The soft cotton exterior is safe to use against skin, and the seam-sealed inner keeps melting contained.

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39 thoughts on “#14 – 52 Weeks of Planet Wise!

  1. They are called Boo-boos here…which is funny since we have a kitty named Boo Boo!

  2. Since my daughter is only 5 months old, we haven’t settled on a term, but I imagine we’ll call it as it is or use boo-boo when the time comes.

  3. BooBoos and Owies. I was told that even when I was in labor with my son a month ago, even I was saying Owie!