#11 – 52 Weeks of Planet Wise

Clear Gallon Bag

It’s Week 11, and this week I’m tackling a subject near and dear to all parents who walk barefoot through the house — LEGOS.  These little buggers have sharp corners, and when laid about they can be dangerous as landmines.  I love to keep my kids’ Legos contained in Clear Planet Wise Gallon Bags!  They can see what’s inside, but everything is kept neatly out of my (and my foot’s) way!

Would you like to WIN a Clear Planet Wise Gallon Bag of your own?  Enter below!

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16 thoughts on “#11 – 52 Weeks of Planet Wise

  1. I’m not creative enough to think of punishments like that. Lol.
    Though it sounds too painful to wish on someone! Stepping on Lego hurts!

  2. Never wished that on anyone but I have warned people of the possibilty of stepping on one.

  3. lol… love this. Not yet. No legos to step on at my house b/c my son is still too little but where i nanny. Oh my! The legos are taking over! :)