#09 – 52 Weeks of Planet Wise!

Pail Liner

It’s Week #09 of the 52 Weeks of Planet Wise!  This week I’m featuring Planet Wise Pail Liners used as washable, reusable trash can liners!  I hate it when plastic bags leak or tear, and dumping garbage into our garage bin and then washing the liner is far easier than cleaning up a stinky mess!

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29 thoughts on “#09 – 52 Weeks of Planet Wise!

  1. I don’t know. I’d have to think hard about it! I would definitely use it for recyclable stuff, but not sure about the trash.

  2. I’m not sure if I’d use it as a trashcan liner. I’d think that’d be super messy emptying. But it would save me a bundle without resorting to paper bags which always leak.

  3. I already use two of them with my diaper pail and I deff. would use one with our cans and recycling.. for the trash I would probably use it as a back up to a plastic bag.

  4. I never though of it before, but I totally would! I guess I always assumed that you HAD to have your garbage bagged…

  5. I don’t know if I’d use a reusable trash bag. Maybe for recycling. I usually just reuse bags from the store from when I forget to bring my reusable shopping bags.

  6. I would use one for recycling but not for trash. My trash men are super sloppy. It all the trash was loose in the outside trash can it would end up all over my street like it does a lot times even with the trash bags.

  7. I would definitely use it for recyclables but hadn’t thought about using it for regular trash.

  8. For recyclables, yes, but for trash… probably not. While I don’t like using the plastic trash bags, they’re the best option for where I live since the garbage men manually pick up the bags and toss them in the truck instead of the truck picking the bin up and dumping it in.

  9. I would absolutely use one! In fact, I may start doing this! I hate having to wash out our trash can b/c we live in a small apt. on the 3rd floor so doing this is a pain!

  10. No, because our trash must be in bags anyway for the garbage men to take it.

  11. Yes I would! I agree, it’s a great idea. I use one now for my diaper pail and it holds up great. So, why not?!

  12. I was just thinking to myself last night; “I bet the Planet Wise bin liners would make awesome trash liners for the bathroom and bedrooms!”

  13. I would use it for my recycling bin, but not for my trash…at least not for my kitchen trash. Perhaps in bedrooms & bathrooms where garbage is mainly tissue paper and less stinky & sticky items.

  14. Hm trash im not sure I can see sending dh to the dump with my pail liner it might not make it back eek but for towels wet clothes coming in from the sprinkler, diapers and all sorts of other things sure

  15. I could see putting it in and the added the plastic trash bag.That way it can catch anything that spills. I’d have to try it though.

  16. Probably not. We are in TX and unsealed rotting trash until trash day would be raunchy. Funny, I’m okay with cloth TP, but not rotting, bug infested trash.