#11 – 52 Weeks of Planet Wise

Clear Gallon Bag

It’s Week 11, and this week I’m tackling a subject near and dear to all parents who walk barefoot through the house — LEGOS.  These little buggers have sharp corners, and when laid about they can be dangerous as landmines.  I love to keep my kids’ Legos contained in Clear Planet Wise Gallon Bags!  They can see what’s inside, but everything is kept neatly out of my (and my foot’s) way!

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#10 – 52 Weeks of Planet Wise

Small Wet Bag

This week, I’m highlighting Small Planet Wise Wet Bags!  These bags are so versatile and useful — I don’t think I could ever have enough!  They are the perfect size for storing markers, colored pencils, and crayons for art projects at home or on the go!

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#09 – 52 Weeks of Planet Wise!

Pail Liner

It’s Week #09 of the 52 Weeks of Planet Wise!  This week I’m featuring Planet Wise Pail Liners used as washable, reusable trash can liners!  I hate it when plastic bags leak or tear, and dumping garbage into our garage bin and then washing the liner is far easier than cleaning up a stinky mess!

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#08 – 52 Weeks of Planet Wise!

Clear Quart Bag
This week I’m highlighting our Planet Wise Clear Quart Bags!  Due to the sturdy, spacious design, these bags are perfect first aid kits!  Easily look to see where the bandages or medications are when time is of the essence!  Keep your medicine cabinet organized and easy to access!
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